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Prolead Academy is a knowledge center for leadership & working life under the leadership of Jan Blomström.  We stand for sustainable leadership and working life that touches the heart of companies.

There is great insight into the challenges you as leaders and employees face in your assignments in both private and private areas  public activities.

We call it because we accelerate talent in Sweden!

Jan Blomström

Jan Blomström is a business psychologist and founder of Prolead Academy AB. 

Formally, he is a trained psychologist at the universities of Oslo and Bergen and is today a business psychologist, leg. psychologist, organizational psychologist and specialist in clinical neuropsychology. 

For the past 25 years, he has worked with managers, leaders and employees in the psychology of working life. 


Jan Blomström

Affärspsykolog &
Spec. i klinisk neuropsykologi

Our character

Our mission

  • We talent accelerate Sweden's working life! 

Beyond leadership

  • Beyond leadership is our attitude through which we convey our love for the new generation of leadership and above all for the effect that is achieved and that really touches the hearts and souls of companies. 

  • Beyond leadership shows the effect of a way of being within a value- and trust-based leadership where you inspire others to their own goal fulfillment. 

  • Beyond leadership generates a leadership role with control over control.

Business psychological foundation

  • In our quest to make a real difference, our efforts are based on a business psychological foundation. A platform where knowledge of human behavior is combined with one  clear focus on the effect achieved. 

Graphic logo

  • Our business psychological DNA is also reflected in our graphic logo by merging psychology (the psi sign Ψ which is internationally used as a symbol of psychological knowledge) with business (the euro sign € symbolizes business and effect).

Company facts

Prolead Academy AB  

Org Nr | 556521-0530

The seat | located on Gotland  

Bankgiro | 5876-5017

Year-end | 0701-0630  


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The business has been run since 1993, but then in a different company form and under a different name.  

The company is 100% owned by Jan and Ingela Blomström.

Contact Us

Prolead Academy - a knowledge center for leadership and working life under the leadership of business psychologist Jan Blomström


070 - 6622805


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